"Linda is a really dedicated and enthusiastic teacher. Her lessons were well planned, covering useful and interesting topics. My favourite thing was that we always had lots of opportunity for speaking practice. It really helped me to feel more confident in Latvian. Your hard work made me work hard!"

/Melissa Humphrys/

"In August 2016, I had pleasure of having Linda tutor me in Latvian for 3 weeks. Linda is an excellent and patient teacher of languages. I thoroughly enjoyed learning and laughing through my mistakes. As an English only speaker, Linda understood my shortcomings with the Latvian language, and helped me work through them. I found Linda very familiar with the teaching material from the Latviešu valodas aģentūra. It was fun to learn with Linda and I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to learn Latvian."

/Martin Jaunzemis/

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